Owners voices
MOD. 2006.11.03 Biken (C)

By and fixed and inside of ..becoming it.. -.   I'm sorry please show Sal of you.

  - "It makes and it enjoys. "   "Self's motorcycle is made. ", Grow old..so..do.  Hardware device and introduction of challenge

  - 「First Kozarul. 」    It is one. letter where Sal is obtained glad

  - 「Maintenance system information. 」    Maintenance information

  - 「It is Kozaru and meeting --- Event information. 」    Sal meeting etc.

  "Necessary one making fundamental engineering  for the kit motorcycle. " -     From the manuscript for the book on starting write

  "Kozaru ownerr" -     Sal and female rider

  "Halo CQ   Kozarul owner" -   Unexpected wireless station and Kozaru

  - "World Sal living information"    

  - Kozaru owner's Monday/hair relates the personal appearance    
* One   consultation point introduction.

"Invite it to the travel of Kozaru ..-... "   I want ..Italy.. to take it.

- "Fake  M" details introduction of Biken laboratory.
Biken's Fake M
Tying food.   It is a recommendation once ..seeing...   ..(..) ..doing..
worthful information here. the most important site to know.   --- osca wrote ---

- It is necessary to peep into here.

To designer's rest bulletin board
- The Kozaru system It is     bulletin board of 4mini ck Gongon. Please write only that it is happy. You may take the place the diary and it thinks.   

- Designer's rest bulletin board
"Loose selfish design room world bulletin board"
There is too much often no convenience, and the designer companions also are writing it.
 ..first time.. ..writing.. and the hesitating one. Trial writing OK. 。Please use it as a diary sometimes.
Please leave your words in English and/or Jp. with even jokes.

Sal owners pages
- Blog; Sal owners pages   Yahoo blog
It started temporarily as an information exchange. We will inform the applicant of the password for the edit.

It is of Chairobraun and.
- It is of Chairobraun and.
It is a revival of Brandochairobraun. hesitate
It makes it from the mischief. Is it study of blog = blog?  Book-. a little useful  Horizontal Yari can be written if it writes in the comment. Please do the mischief writing according to the bulletin board.
We will inform the applicant of the password for the edit.

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